More Than a CRM

A complete business tracking and management platform created by voice actors for voice actors
  • Ditch the spreadsheets
  • Hang up the overly-complicated (and expensive) CRMs
  • Quit manually invoicing clients
  • Stop guessing where your business is

Simplify your insights. Take control of your voiceover business. With VOICEOVERVIEW.

After trial just $9.99/mo or $96/year (save 20%)

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Features & Pricing

Simple, Appealing Interface

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been doing voiceover for years, VOICEOVERVIEW simplifies the business of your voiceover business

Minimal Data Entry
  • All the information you need to run your voiceover business
  • Quickly enter jobs, clients, expenses

  • Invoice clients via Waveapps, Quickbooks & Freshbooks directly from VOICEOVERVIEW

Track Revenue Trends at a Glance
  • Year over year revenue trends

  • Monthly and Yearly comparison lets you see your current income compared to last year, last month, or the same month last year.

  • Compare your business to the broad voiceover community

Stay Organized
  • VOICEOVERVIEW can become your daily production log
  • Set reminders to keep in touch with your clients or follow up on jobs
Easy Ramp Up
  • Start where you are today, one gig at a time, or
  • Update with all your past data

After trial just $9.99/mo or $96/year (save 20%)

What Our Subscribers Are Saying

It tracks everything and it was so helpful during tax season! I especially loved having revenue tracking and being able to see that as I followed along on my expenses.  
I like that all my jobs and expenses are there! I also track my auditions. I should be better about signing in more often but I also get the info in there eventually! LOVE THIS SOFTWARE..
I use it just about every day!! I love it. My favorite features are the expense and job reporting. And I just learned I could incorporate Waveapps invoicing! So worth the cost!!
VOICEOVERVIEW is a fantastic product created by voice actors for voice actors. It just "gets it" -- and it has become an indispensable tool in my voiceover business.
I like the visibility of revenue trends. It's a great tool and a great value!
Just wanted to drop you a line and say THANK YOU for VOICEOVERVIEW! You have made it so simple to log my jobs, see an overview of my work, and so much more! I’m a forever fan!
I like the intuitive job entry and easy duplication of repeat jobs. It helps me see my voiceover business in a way I never was able to before.

About Us

At VOICEOVERVIEW, we’re passionate about helping voice actors succeed. That’s why we created a platform specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your profession. Since our launch in 2017, we’ve been proud to serve countless voice actors around the world. 

Whether you’re just starting out, or a seasoned professional, VOICEOVERVIEW helps you simplify tasks, save time, and grow your voiceover business.

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Proud to be nominated for One Voice Awards

Voiceover Service Provider of the Year

five years (and counting)!

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Discover and Embrace Your Inner Data Geek

As creatives, we sometimes shy away from “the numbers.”
In truth, every business needs to understand “the numbers” to operate and become profitable. Revenue trends. Expenses. Net income. Whether business is up this month over last month. This year over last year. Top customers. And more.

Voice acting is no different. It’s a business. VOICEOVERVIEW gives you the tools to track and manage your business in a way that’s simple, fun, and easy to digest.

VOICEOVERVIEW is the only business platform designed for voice actors to help you track, manage, and grow your voice-over business with ease.

 With our suite of powerful tools, you’ll be able to:

  • Set and track booked jobs and audition goals
  • Invoice via Waveapps, Quickbooks and Freshbooks with just a few clicks
  • Effortlessly manage revenue and expense data for tax purposes
  • Gain insight into your top clients – and all your clients
  • And much more!

You don’t have to be a numbers geek or an accountant to track your business. But, with VOV, you might just become one!