Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how VOICEOVERVIEW’s unique features can help you manage your voiceover business. Need more info? Send a message via the Contact page.

General FAQ

  • Q: How much time does it take to manage VOICEOVERVIEW?

    A: VOICEOVERVIEW is designed to require minimal data entry – complete just a few fields for a booked job to provide a full picture of your voiceover business.

    So, instead of making VOICEOVERVIEW something you have to “catch up on ” or do at the end of the week, we recommend keeping it as an open tab in your browser of choice. Then you can update it as you work. For example:

    This way, VOICEOVERVIEW is not another task you must remember to do – or a data beast you have to feed. It’s just a quick and easy part of your daily workflow.

  • Q: Is VOICEOVERVIEW customizable for different countries and currencies?

    A: Yes! We’ve made VOICEOVERVIEW accessible to users around the globe!

    Subscribers have the option to set a default currency. This should be the currency that you use to track invoices and payments. For jobs invoiced and paid in other currencies, we offer links to currency conversion sites to help you stay on track.

  • Q: Can I keep track of jobs paid in a different currency than my default?

    A: Yes! While VOICEOVERVIEW does not have currency conversion built in, here’s how you can keep track of alternative currency jobs:

    1. Create the job in VOICEOVERVIEW with the amount the client will pay in their desired currency.

    2. Tag the job with that currency.

    3. Create the invoice.

    4. Update the currency in the invoice to the client’s currency. Your invoice software should show the currency conversion in your default currency.

    5. Update the currency in VOICEOVERVIEW.

  • Q: Does the VOICEOVERVIEW CRM functionality include reminders?

    A: Yes. VOICEOVERVIEW’s simple CRM includes both system reminders and custom note reminders that you can set and reset as needed.

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Site Security

  • Q: Is VOICEOVERVIEW a secure site?

    A: Yes. This site uses a high-level SSL certificate that helps ensure your information is safe and secure online.

  • Q: Does VOICEOVERVIEW share my information with anyone?

    A: The short answer? NO! Your information is yours, and we do not share, sell or access it in any way.

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My Account / Subscription

  • Q: I’ve been managing my contacts in another system. Can I import them into VOICEOVERVIEW?

    A: At this time, we do not have a feature that allows you to import this information yourself. However, we can import your contacts. Reach out to us via the Feedback link to set this up.

  • Q: Can I change the billing frequency of my subscription from monthly to yearly?

    A: Yes! We’d love that! (And, you will too, because you’ll save a little money!)

  • Q: Can I cancel my subscription?

    A: Yes. We hate to see you go, but you can go to Settings > Subscription and select the “Cancel my Subscription” link. Whether you are a monthly or annual subscriber, your subscription will be canceled on the same day. We suggest canceling as close to your renewal date as possible.

    Note: VOICEOVERVIEW can not process partial refunds for the remainder of your subscription.

  • Q: Can I export my information from VOICEOVERVIEW?

    A: Yes. Your data is yours. You can create and download custom reports for Jobs, Contacts and Expenses – as well as complete lists.

  • Q: Can I change to the 90-day free trial offered by being a Voice123 member if I’ve already signed up for the 30-day free trial through VOICEOVERVIEW?

    A: Yes. We are happy to extend the Voice123 offer to you. Send a request to and we’ll update your trial.

  • Q: I’m just starting out. Should I wait to subscribe to VOICEOVERVIEW once I’m super busy and booking a lot?

    A: Not necessarily. Developing business management skills early will serve you as your business grows to the point that it requires managing. And, starting early can help you understand where to focus your energies based on audition opportunities and booking success.

    Setting daily tracking habits early with tracking auditions and the occasional job that comes in is a great way to build a solid foundation. It allows you to set and trackgoals, monitor your audition to booking ratio progress, and compare your VO income against expenses.

    As your business grows and you become busier, you will already have created the habit of using VOICEOVERVIEW to manage your business, so it will not be something that you have to try to fit in.

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  • Q: What invoicing options does VOICEOVERVIEW offer?

    A: VOICEOVERVIEW is integrated with Waveapps, FreshBooks and QuickBooks for invoicing – with plans to integrate with Zoho, Stripe and possibly PayPal in the coming months.

    If you do not currently have an invoicing/accounting platform, we recommend Waveapps, because it’s free and the interface is very user-friendly.

    Here’s our YouTube playlist with tutorials on all three invoicing options.

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  • Q: Does VOICEOVERVIEW support email integration?

    A: For email tracking and marketing, we recommend using Cloze in conjunction with VOICEOVERVIEW. No additional data entry is required, and you get all of the email communication tracking you could want. It’s a great fit.

  • Q: Does VOICEOVERVIEW offer email tracking?

    A: There are so many robust (and complex) CRMs that do email tracking particularly well, so we chose to focus on the many measures and metrics key to voiceover that have been ignored.

    For email tracking and marketing, we recommend using Cloze in conjunction with VOICEOVERVIEW. No additional data entry is required, and you get all of the email communication tracking you could want. Cloze also includes “social scraping.” Check it out!

  • Q: Is VOICEOVERVIEW integrated with online casting sites?

    A: Unfortunately at this time, VOICEOVERVIEW cannot transfer information from online casting sites. However, for sites that do not offer transparency or allow a direct relationship between voice talents and their clients, we offer a simple workaround.

  • Q: Is VOICEOVERVIEW integrated with any scheduling apps such as Calendly or Acuity?

    A: At this time, we do not have plans to integrate a scheduling platform into VOICEOVERVIEW.

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My VO Website

  • Q: I have my own domain. Can I use a custom domain with your one-page website, or will the site be at

    A: We have several subscribers who have purchased a custom URL and then set a redirect to their one-page website on VOICEOVERVIEW. An example of this is

    If you’re not familiar with how to do a redirect, your hosting company can likely help, or you can Google and DIY.

  • Q: If I use your free one-page website, do I even need my own website?

    A: We recommend the one-page website for voice actors who are just starting out – who do not have a large body of work to share, and maybe only one or two demos. It’s a great way to have a web presence without having to spend extra cash on development, hosting, URL, etc…. But, it’s not intended to be a full-blown website with all the bells and whistles. See the Resources page for more information.

  • Q: Is the one-page website customizable?

    A: No, it’s not customizable. We recommend the one-page website for voice actors who are just starting out. See the Resources page for more information.

  • Q: If I cancel my subscription, do my demo files stay on the VOICEOVERVIEW website?

    A: After you cancel your subscription we keep your audio files for one year. However, your one-page website will be deactivated.

    If you decide to re-subscribe during that year, the files will be ready to go on your VOV one page website. We will delete them from our system after one year.

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Other Questions

  • Q: Do you have a mobile app?

    A: No. We do not have plans to build an app. Building and maintaining an app is super expensive and because our data is very detailed, updating the app as we continue to develop new features is cost-prohibitive.

    We have, however, designed VOICEOVERVIEW to be mobile responsive. It works well on tablets and the overview page displays nicely on phones.

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