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I’ve tried nearly every CRM out there within reasonable cost…you name it, I’ve tried it. I’ve even tried creating my own with various tools. With VOICEOVERVIEW, you’ve really got a good thing going. The bummer with all those other systems is the data entry task is too much work. It felt like my job had turned into that of a data entry clerk. Using VOICEOVERVIEW is actually kinda fun. It doesn’t feel like work. I feel like I am working on my business, not necessarily in it. It’s the right data in the right places.

– Anthony Gettig, Voice Talent

The voice over industry is super advanced when it comes to the technical side of recording and cutting edge equipment.  But it is WAAAY behind when it comes to managing all the many elements to go into being a voice actor!  I looked everywhere, for months, to find some kind of way to simply track all the work, effort and progress I poured into my career as a voice actor, and all I could find were generic one-size-fits-all programs that actually do NOT “fit all”.  I can’t believe it took this long for someone to FINALLY create a management software that’s SO perfect for what we do as voice actors! And you can tell it was designed BY a voice actor(s) because you almost don’t need any training to be up and running!   Now, I can run and track my voice over career pretty much like just about every other industry has been tracking theirs for years!

– Jordan Jones, Voice Talent

I’m enjoying working with Voiceover View. Honestly, it’s easier to use than I thought. Entering in auditions, clients, jobs is quickly becoming apart of my routine. Being able to look at all my jobs and change from booked, to invoiced, to paid without changing screens is nice.

– Steve O’Brien, Voice Overs

I’m loving tracking so far! I’ve got to fill in some back stuff, but it’s giving me a whole different look at my business that I hadn’t even conceptualized before.

– Christopher “Zippy” Kaufman, Voiceover – Comedy

I’ve used VOICEOVERVIEW to track my auditions and my gigs. It is now an important part of my workflow. Having the structure to get work done quickly and correctly has given me the chance to concentrate on my craft – the voice work itself – and have the confidence that the business tracking is well managed. VOICEOVERVIEW does the business tracking for me.

– Michael Sears, Voice Over Actor

VOICEOVERVIEW is an AMAZING tool to track and run my voiceover business and I am so, so thankful! Finally I have a clear view of how my business is actually doing all in one place!! It is so easy to use and when I have a question or an issue the team is incredibly responsive. As I work, whether it is a job booking or an expense, I quickly add the updates as I go and voila- easy and accurate maintenance that is finally all in one place!! Thanks Voiceoverview, I don’t know how we all managed without you!

– Laura Schreiber, Voiceover Actress

VOICEOVERVIEW is a super creative, all-in-one concept for voice actors. It’s a great tool to track your jobs and auditions, keep track of conflicts and make sure you get paid. I love that the creators are so responsive with requests and to questions. The site is super easy to use and intuitive. I think you should give it a test drive.

– Dustin Ebaugh, Voice Actor

VOICEOVERVIEW is a GAME CHANGER. Now I can keep track of my audition to booking ratio, revenue, job sources, best clients and more, which allows me to be more efficient and to determine where my energies are best spent.  I use FreshBooks for tracking expenses, invoicing and accounting, but I still need VOICEOVERVIEW because its features are so specific to VO and it gives me a lot of extra information and statistics that FreshBooks can’t. The interface is easy and intuitive and extremely thorough. VOICEOVERVIEW helps me fill in the blanks and keep track of important information that I can later look back on when I need it.  It reminds me to follow up with important clients and analyze trends. This is a brilliant tool that I recommend to all professional voice actors! 

– Shannon Torrence, Voice Actor

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