It’s good to ask questions! And, we’re happy to provide answers! If you’ve got a question that we haven’t answered, reach out to us via the Contact page and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.


Q: I don’t have time to manage another “tool!” How much time does it take to use VOICEOVERVIEW?
A: Rather than making VOICEOVERVIEW something that you have to “catch up on” or do at the end of the day or the week. Just keep it as an open tab in your browser of choice. As you audition go to the tab and tally the audition. And, when you book a job, go to the tab and add it. Tracking a simple audition takes 5 seconds. And, adding a job takes less than a minute! (Seriously!)

This way, VOICEOVERVIEW is not an added task that you must remember to do – or a data beast that you have to feed. It’s just a quick and easy part of your daily workflow.


Q: I don’t see a job type category that I regularly book work in. Can I add it?
A: You can’t add it yourself, but you CAN drop us a quick line via the FEEDBACK link in the upper right hand corner of each page of the site and we’ll take care of it. You can also select “Other” and then make a note of the Job Type in the Notes Section of the job.


Q: I don’t see a job source category that I regularly book work from. Can I add it?
A: Yes. When adding a new job, select “Other” under “How did they find you?” and type the Job Source in text field that appears directly below that.

If it’s a common source that we’ve overlooked, drop us a quick line via the FEEDBACK link in the upper right hand corner of each page of the site and we’ll take care of it.


Q: Can I choose which currency a job is paid in?
A: Not today. But, stay tuned. We are actively working on this.



Q: Is VOICEOVERVIEW a secure site?
A: Yes. We have applied a high level SSL certificate that helps ensure your information is safe.


Q: Does VOICEOVERVIEW share my information with anyone?
A: The short answer? NO! Your information is your information and it is not shared.



Q: I’ve been managing my contacts in another system. Can I import them to VOICEOVERVIEW?
At this time, we do not have a feature that allows you to import this information yourself. However, we can help you import your contacts. Simply reach out to us via the FEEDBACK link and we’ll contact you with more information.


Q: Can I change my subscription from monthly to yearly?
A: Yes! We’d love that! (And, you will too, because you’ll save a little money!) Simply go to Settings > Subscription and select “Yearly” from the Subscription Details dropdown and follow the instructions.

You can also change from annual to monthly. Those changes will go into effect when your annual subscription comes up for renewal. So, you won’t lose any of the time you paid for.


Q: Can I cancel my subscription?
A: Yes. ? We hate to see you go. But, if you must, we won’t make it difficult. Simply go to Settings > Subscription and select the “Cancel my Subscription” link. Whether you are a monthly or annual subscriber, your subscription will be canceled effective on the next renewal date.

VOICEOVERVIEW does not offer partial refunds for unused subscriptions.


Q: Can I export my information from VOICEOVERVIEW?
A: Yes. Using the Search/Reports link from the main menu, you can create and download custom reports for Jobs, Contacts and Expenses – as well as complete lists. Audition reports coming soon!



Q: What are Tracking Links?
A: Tracking links are customized links to your one page website that allow you to see whether a prospect or client has visited your one page website, listened to or downloaded your demos. Free users get two tracking links. VOICEOVERVIEW subscribers can create as many tracking links as they’d like.


Q: How are Tracking Links used?
A: When you reach out to a prospect or client, you can create a unique link that can be pasted into an email to that client. Then, you’ll be able to see If (WHEN!) they click on that link and whether or not they listened to or downloaded your demo. While you don’t want to let them know that you’re *stalking* their interest in you… it can help you determine how best to follow up with them.