Getting started with a new tool (no matter how easy or intuitive) is always daunting. So, to help you get started – and more importantly, “Keep Going” – we’ll offer tips and tidbits to make sure that you’re getting the most out of the information you’re putting in!


Tip #1: Make VOICEOVERVIEW part of your daily workflow

VOICEOVERVIEW shouldn’t be one more thing that you have to “catch up on” or do at the end of the day or the week. Just keep it as an open tab in your browser of choice. As you audition go to the tab and tally the audition. And, when you book a job, go to the tab and add it. Tracking a simple audition takes 5 seconds. And, adding a job takes less than a minute! (Seriously!)

In a nutshell: VOICEOVERVIEW is not an added task that you must remember to do – or a data beast that you have to feed. It’s just a quick and easy part of your daily workflow.


Tip #2: Adding a contact when you don’t have an email address

When you enter a new contact, if you have their name, but not their company or email address, no problem! Enter it as you normally would and then create a fake email address using the job source as the Company Name.

For example:
Company: Reddit (Job Source)
First: John
Last: Doe

Another example:
Company: voice123 (Job Source)
First: Sally
Last: Sample

Then, when you book a job with that client – or otherwise gain access to their information – you’ll be able to simply “edit” the contact and update their information.

In a nutshell: You’ll be able to see where your jobs are coming from and those “non-traditional” sources will start to show up in your top companies list as well, so you can see how much revenue you’re generating from those sources.